A downloadable game for Windows

A day in the life of a hardcore gamer with a serious problem.

Today will be different. You can make that happen. This game was inspired by hundreds of stories people have shared - including those who struggled with MMO addictions. Our character has thankfully overcome that problem, but their life hasn't gotten any better.

I want to stress that this is *just* meant to represent a day. Depression can't be cured in a day, and it won't be in this game. It probably isn't fun to play. It isn't meant to be.


"An awful gaming experience. An awful life."
- Developer.

"Why would anyone play?"
- Developer.

"Depression Level 50 is what happens when you realize you can't finish your IGMC project on time. You don't get a cool medieval space expedition game called Merlin's Explorers and the Mysterious Planet. You get the crushing despair of doing all that work only to come up short. You get ...this."
- Developer.


DL50.zip 7 MB


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Hello. A great idea and nice execution. I've played your game, and as someone who used to suffer from depression, I thought it captured it very accurately. Good job!